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During the next 12 weeks you will be learning how to define, design, test and live your dream life.  You will examine your four major life areas (i.e., Relationships, Health, Time and Money Freedom, Vocation), identify what it is that you want to be different about your life and use this proven, predictable and reliable system to give you the best chance possible to realize this change.


During each week of the Action Based Recovery Program you will learn different principles and strategies that can help you to live into your dream.


Before you get started with your Action Based Recovery Program I’m going to describe the format that each week will follow.  Each lesson will begin with material that will help you understand the information that is necessary for you to overcome your longing and discontent.  There are weekly written exercises for you to complete and videos that contain additional information to enhance your learning of the Action Based Recovery principles.  There are two meditation audios that you can listen to anytime.


To help you plan your study time I suggest you set aside about 2 hours or more if needed each week so that you will have ample opportunity to learn the information and complete the exercises.  It would be best if you eliminate distractions so that you can get the full benefit of each lesson.  Please remember you are important and you deserve to benefit as fully as possible from your Action Based Recovery Program.  In a sense, what you get out of it will be in direct proportion to what you put into it.

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