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The 5 Best Habits of Happy Healthy People in Recovery

Happy Thanksgiving!

Being happy and healthy is a choice that we make.  It isn’t always easy, but I hope these tips below will help you when ‘dealing’ with the holiday season.

 1.  Express gratitude

If you stay in gratitude and think positively, your outlook on everything can change.  Having a hard time with this? For the next 10 days write down 10 things a day that you are grateful for, it can be your life to the food you are eating for breakfast.  Once you get in the mindset of gratefulness it’s hard to have a negative outlook.

2.    Live in the Present Moment

This is something most struggle with daily; if you are always trying to live in the past or future and never stop and just be present with yourself you miss out on many opportuities.   When you begin to think of anything in the past, stop yourself and look around, remember your grateful list and add a few things to it while you are in the moment. Do your best to live in the now.

3.  Practice Acceptance

When you get angry or are unhappy with life a lot of it is based on you not being able to practice acceptance. We have to accept life on life’s terms and stop trying to change everything to be exactly how we want it and what we find acceptable.  This can be accepting yourself or accepting others.  When your expectations are too high, you will always be disappointed.  Accept yourself where you are and accept others where they are.

4.  Don’t Hold on to Resentments

Resentment is one of the things that takes a lot of people in recovery back into relapse. Holding on to resentment towards someone, something or a place can just end up hurting you. Let go of those things, it’s in your best interest. When you learn to forgive yourself and others it’s easier to move on and you will find yourself in a better place.

5.  Stay close to positive people

Surround yourself with  positive and healthy people. It is so true that you are who you hang out with; keep people around who are doing good and living a positive lifestyle. You will learn from each other and grow together.


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November 25, 2015

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